The Retune Art Shop is an online pop-up shop for digital art prints. We open the shop on special occasions. Currently the shop is closed and no orders possible. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter or subscribe to our Newsletter to hear first hand, when the shop opens again.

Digital art is hard to collect because of its ephemeral nature. Art works and installations are often time-based and contemporary, since both software and hardware change with increasing acceleration. This Retune Art Print series makes digital art easy to acquire. The selected artworks are digital in nature: Some of them are computer generated or 3D scanned, others are generated through artificial intelligence, augmented reality, are plotted by a machine, represent data clouds or other artistic projects.

All presented artworks are developed by artists who participated at the Retune Festival 2018 and share a common interest in exploring the field of art, design and technology. Thereby pushing the boundaries of technologies, experimenting in creative ways and challenging the role of technology for art and design. By buying your personal art print you support both the artist and Retune – a Berlin-based platform for creative pioneers.

About Retune

Retune Creative Technology GmbH is planning and producing conferences, festivals, exhibitions as well as educational programs. Since 2012 Retune is running the Retune Festival, organizing Studio Visits and developing creative projects for the community as well as for clients. Retune prototypes, produces and distributes artworks and offers consultancy for creative and innovative projects that seek to cross-fertilize the exchange between creative technology, art and industry.

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