“{synthetic_emotionality_9876}” by Sofia Crespo


Comes in two sizes: A4 and A2, 240g paper.

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{synthetic_emotionality_9876} belongs to the series Neural Biologies which is a zoological documentation of creatures & nature that don’t exist (but could have been). Although they were originally intended to be designed by a human, they instead ended up being imagined with the help of a CNN (Convolutional Neural Network).

Sofia Crespo is an artist working with a huge interest in Bio inspired technologies. One of her main focuses is the way organic life uses artificial mechanisms to simulate itself and evolve, this implying the idea that technologies are a biased product of the organic life that created them and not a completely separated object. On the side, she is also hugely concerned with the dynamic change in the role of the artists working with machine learning techniques

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A4, A2