“Styroworms” by Petja Ivanova



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This is plastic biodegradation by the larvae of Tenebrio Molitor in action, the photograph depicts a Styrofoam head that has been eaten and inhabited by Mealworms for 1.5 years. Reminding us that everything our culture is made out of is natural matter. Our conscious or unconscious attempts at making a dent in this world will be devoured eventually.

Born in Shumen, Bulgaria and based in Berlin, Petja graduated from the University of Arts Berlin in the class for Computational Art/Generative Art in 2015. In her trans-disciplinary practice she combines archeology, biology, physics, computation and the poetic in order to promote the ‘poetic method’ as a counterweight to the socially dominating ‘scientific method’, understanding this practice in non-linear relation with Fluxus & Avantgarde.
She runs the Studio for Poetic Futures and Speculative Ecologies out of a little caravan at the canal in Neukölln in Berlin.


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